High Hopes For Students at the BYCA

With high hopes for the future, students at the Brooklyn Youth Chorus Academy work to perfect their vocals to pursue their dreams of careers in music. Students focus their talents during their duration at the Academy to apply to some of the most notable and prestigious music schools in the country after graduation.

Lucinda Kahn, 15, is one among them. For over four years Kahn has sung in the youth chorus, and for the past two years in the schools concert chorus. She has performed with internationally known musicians both classical and pop; and for millions of people at the 9/11 ten-year anniversary.

“What I love about the Brooklyn Youth Chorus is that we get to sing so many different types of music and perform with different artists,” said Kahn.

This year alone the concert chorus, which Kahn is apart of, has performed with rapper Mos Def, Sarah Mclachlan, and vocalist Mellissa Hughes among others, each in separate performances. Kahn says she no longer gets anxious before performances after doing it for years, but may get the jitters if a celebrity is performing.

One day Kahn hopes to be amongst the rank of great performers. So she has already started planning for college where she will concentrate in vocal arts.

“Many of our students remain involved in music once they go on to college, said BYCA Chorus Manager Katie VanDerMerr. “It’s such a large part of their lives.”

With plans to apply to Berklee College of Music and Juilliard, Kahn knows she has to start planning early. But she says she doesn’t want to get too caught up in the future.

“I’m not trying to think too much about college,” said Kahn, “I really want to appreciate the time I have left at the Brooklyn Youth Chorus and really shine here.”